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If you like museums and you like beer, head to Visit Carlsberg Copenhagen, home of Carlsberg beer and the Copenhagen ‘Exbeerience’. Set on a hill overlooking Copenhagen, you’ll be sure to come back more merrier than when you set out.

The brewery gives a history of Carlsberg from its inception in the mid-19th century, as well as explaining how beer is brewed today. There’s a large restaurant and bar, a great gift shop and a quaint, picturesque outdoor area. There’s even a stables housing cart horses that will take you for a ride around the site.

Entry includes a free beer (a whole pint of strong stuff) and a free gift, which can just be another beer! Guided tours run regularly, as do beer tasting sessions, but you’ll need to book in advance for both.

Visit Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen

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Entry is 100kr (US$16) for adults and 70kr (US$11) for children. Beer tasting costs 75kr (US$12) and should be booked in advance along with entry tickets.

Bar at Visit Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen

Visit Carlsberg Tips

The free gifts aren’t great, but the beers are fantastic so we’d recommend taking two beers with your entry. Given the price of a beer in Copenhagen, it’s definitely worth it.

Get on a guided brewery tour if possible as they’re both free and genuinely interesting. Carlsberg Brewery tours run at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00

The beer is stronger than you think so think about what plans you have after visiting, and take care if cycling back! Visit our Cycling in Copenhagen guide for more tips.

How to get there? Check our Public Transport in Copenhagen article for tips on travel in the city. This is one of the occasions we’d recommend using the S-Train (S-Tog) to Carlsberg station, just 5 minutes walk from Visit Carlsberg.

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