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There’s no secret to why 4.6 million people visited Tivoli Gardens last year. Its magical blend of beauty, charm and thrills means everyone from young children to senior citizens will enjoy the 17 rides, 13 shops and 46 restaurants in Copenhagen’s classic theme park.

The Demon, Tivoli's most thrilling ride, in Cherry Blossom season
The Demon, Tivoli’s most thrilling ride, in Cherry Blossom season

Just a stone’s throw from Copenhagen Central Station, Tivoli should be at the heart of every visit to the city. Thrill seekers can enjoy Tivoli’s four roller coasters, including Rutschebanen, one of the world’s oldest roller coasters, while the more relaxed visitor can take in the gardens frequented by H.C. Andersen and Walt Disney.

You can even stay in the park, at Nimb, a 5 star boutique hotel dominating the gardens (pictured below). Or for those not quite that lucky, you can at least eat at one of its four gourmet restaurants.

Nimb, Tivoli's luxury boutique hotel
Nimb, Tivoli’s luxury boutique hotel

And at the end of a day absorbing the unique atmosphere, the perfect evening is topped off by a truly spectacular fireworks display over the lake.

Tivoli Fireworks
Tivoli Fireworks

Buy Tivoli Tickets

Buying tickets for Tivoli Gardens is easy, but we recommend booking in advance.

Click here to buy tickets for Tivoli Gardens

Adult tickets start at 120DKK (US$20) and 50DKK (US$8) for children. Group tickets are also available. Be aware that some attractions inside the gardens do cost extra.

Map of Tivoli Gardens (click to enlarge)
Map of Tivoli Gardens (click to enlarge)

Tivoli Gardens Tips

Here are our top tips for visiting Tivoli:

Weekdays are better If you’re visiting Copenhagen for a few days, choose a weekday to visit Tivoli. It gets crowded at weekends, making queues for rides longer

Check the events schedule Tivoli has a series of events on throughout the year, from Halloween and Christmas celebrations to world-class concerts. Check their events schedule to make sure you don’t miss out!

Entry is free with a Copenhagen Card Tivoli is one of the many attractions in the city which is free with a Copenhagen Card, so could save you money if you’re planning to visit many places in Copenhagen.

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