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You can’t really go anywhere in Denmark without seeing the name Hans Christian Andersen. He’s probably the most famous Danish citizen, and the one who Danes are most proud of. A prolific 19th century author, he is most well-known for his fairy tales, of which he wrote an incredible 3,381.

Whether it’s his statue looking upon the gates of Tivoli Gardens, or the Little Mermaid figurine at the entrance of Copenhagen harbour, you’ll find his influence everywhere. At Nyhavn you can see where he lived for 18 years, and his childhood home in Odense.

H.C. Andersen looking onto Tivoli Gardens
H.C. Andersen looking onto Tivoli Gardens

H.C. Andersen’s most famous fairy tales include ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Ugly Duckling’. He also wrote poetry, travelogues and novels.

H.C. Andersen Attractions

In Copenhagen the World of H.C. Andersen is a delight. You’ll step into his life and some of his most famous works. Tickets cost 60 DKK (US$10) for adults and 40 DKK (US$6.50) for children. Entry is free with a Copenhagen Card.

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If you’re visiting Odense, you can visit a variety of museums based around HC Andersen’s upbringing. We’d recommend visiting the Visit Odense website for more information.

The Little Mermaid is probably H.C. Andersen's most famous fairy tale
The Little Mermaid is probably H.C. Andersen’s most famous fairy tale

Did you know…?

You’ll find HC Andersen’s grave in Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where it’s quite normal to take a picnic and drinks!

His works have been translated into 125 different languages so it’s entirely possible a version exists in your own language.

He would regularly take his meals whilst watching the ships at Nyhavn so why not walk in his footsteps and do the same yourself?


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