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Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket (pronounced gluhp-toe-teck-eh) houses Denmark’s finest collection of sculptures. You’ll find it next to Tivoli Gardens, where its serene atmosphere is a fantastic antidote to its noisier neighbour.

Front facade of Glyptoteket

The museum was founded by Carl Jacobsen, who was the son of the founder of Carlsberg and who also commissioned the Little Mermaid, in 1882. At Glyptoteket, which means ‘place to store carvings’, you can see Jacobsen’s private collection as well as some of Denmark’s finest artworks. You can also view Egyptian, Roman and Greek antiquities stretching back 3500 years.

The building itself is just as impressive as the sculptures and paintings inside, which is marked by its historicist and neo-classical architecture. At Glyptoteket’s centre you will find a lavish winter garden, complete with palm trees, glass ceiling and quaint café.

One of Glyptoteket's stunning stairwells

Glyptoteket Tickets

You can buy tickets from the ticket hall in the museum’s basement when you visit.

Adult tickets are 95 DKK (US$16) and children are free. You’ll have to pay an extra 15 DKK (US$2.50) for adult access to special exhibitions.

Sculptures in Glyptoteket

Glyptoteket Tips

It’s free on a Tuesday so why not take advantage of this and save yourself the entry fee? Though you’ll still have to pay to visit the exhibitions

You’ll probably be done in a couple of hours so you might want to plan something else for your morning or afternoon, or tag your visit onto another activity

Entry is free with a Copenhagen Card so if you’re not in Copenhagen on a Tuesday, you could easily tag a Glyptoteket visit onto an afternoon in Tivoli – both are included with the Copenhagen Card.


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