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Want to see Denmark’s capital city through the eyes of the local? The best way to do so is by bike. Copenhagen is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, and over 60% of residents use cycling as their main means of transport.

Copenhagen Bike

Copenhagen is a flat, uncrowded city with wide, well-organised cycling roads everywhere, making cycling cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly. It also means you can see take in the Copenhagen’s famous architecture and clean coastal air whilst touring the city. Every shop, restaurant, café and bar has somewhere for you to park your bike.

Rent a Bike

As a tourist, it’s easy to get your hands on a bike. Many hotels will rent you one, but otherwise we’d recommend two options to get cycling in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen City Bikes (Bycyklen) are everywhere in the city centre. The comfortable white bikes can be picked them up from over 100 stations across the city. They’re electric and have a built-in GPS for navigation. They cost 30DKK (30 CNY) per hour, which you pay by credit card at the bike.

Click here to access the Copenhagen City Bikes (Bycklen) website

Donkey Republic provide distinctive orange bikes you can rent from outside all the main stations. They use an app which means you can pick up, drop off and pay for your rental anywhere and anytime you like. 24 hours costs just 100DKK (100 CNY).

Click here to download the Donkey Republic app

Cycling in the snow through Copenhagen

Tips on Cycling in Copenhagen

New to city cycling? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Always keep right The left of the cycle roads is for overtaking, so keep as close to the sidewalk as possible where the pace isn’t too fast

Watch the traffic lights Most junctions have separate, smaller lights for cyclists. Always follow these and be aware that they have different sequences to the car lights

Slow down at bus stops People getting on and off buses will walk across the cycle roads. Slowing down will help you avoid any trouble.

Use lights after dark This means other road-users will see you, and prevent you from getting a large fine from the police!

Mother and daughter cycling in Copenhagen

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