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Danish design is reflected by far more than just buildings like the Opera House and Glyptoteket. Hiding just outside capital you might find Copenhagen’s Forgotten Giants, six giant wooden sculptures by artist Thomas Dambo. The project’s aim is to draw people out of the city centre and into the countryside.

Little Tilde, found just west of Albertslund
Find Little Tilde just west of Albertslund

The Forgotten Giants are built entirely from recycled materials and are easily accessible. However, they’re not so easy to find. You’ll probably find one just pops up when you least expect it, so cleverly hidden are they. By placing them in the countryside, art is taken out of the museum and made available for all. Helpfully, Dambo has drawn a ‘treasure map’ giving the rough location of the giants.

Copenhagen's Forgotten Giants Treasure Map (click to enlarge)
Copenhagen’s Forgotten Giants Treasure Map (click to enlarge)

This is your chance to join an authentic part of Danish outdoor culture. If you’re visiting Copenhagen for a few days, get out of the city for an afternoon and see a different side of Denmark. You won’t regret it!

Visit Thomas Dambo’s website for more information.

Visiting Copenhagen’s Forgotten Giants

None of the giants are much further than 30 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. You’ll need to take the S-Tog (see Copenhagen Public Transport) to the station shown on the treasure map.

Even better, rent a bike and take it on the train. That way you’ll be able to find a few giants in the same day. Be careful about taking your bikes into the woods though!

Oscar Under the Bridge, by Ishøj Beach
Oscar Under the Bridge, by Ishøj Beach

Forgotten Giants Tips

If you’re struggling to find them, follow the kids! Local families go on regular quests to find the giants so you’ll see many in the vicinity.

Very few tourists know about the giants so if you’re looking for a unique photo opportunity from your travels, this is it! Social media loves the giants!

Visit Arken Modern Art Museum or Ishøj Beach at the same time. Oscar Under the Bridge (pictured above) is just a couple of minutes from both. It would make a great day out.

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