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Copenhagen Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have in Danish) is an area of beauty, peace and tranquillity in the heart of the city. Stretching over 10 hectares, it contains over 13,000 species, most of which are found in its 27 historic glasshouses.

The largest of these is called the old Palm House, and was built in 1874. You can climb to the top of its spiral staircase to enjoy a great view of the tropical plants from the upper passageway.

Old Palm House, Copenhagen Botanical Garden
Old Palm House, Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Outside the glasshouses are beautiful open lawns overlooking a lake and separated by themed gardens. Among them is a mountainous rock garden and conifer hill, a minute forest in the heart of the capital. There are also two cafés on site.

How to visit Copenhagen Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is just 5 minutes from Nørreport station by foot, and the same distance from Rosenborg Castle.

It’s open from 08:30-18:00 in summer months and until 16:00 in winter.

You can even book a tour by emailing rundvisning@snm.ku.dk

Garden Sculpture, Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Copenhagen Botanical Garden Tips

Entry to the glasshouses is free so if you’ve had an expensive morning, here’s a great activity that won’t cost you a thing!

It’s a great spot for a picnic so why not buy some food from the market at Torvehallerne just over the road and enjoy it in beautiful surroundings.

It’s warm in winter, and cold in summer! The temperature-controlled rooms can be a good spot to warm up or cool down, depending on how you’re feeling.


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